There is an initial enrollment fee of $50 per adult which enters you into the electronic medical record system in order to begin serving you. There is no enrollment fee for children. Once you pay the one-time enrollment fee, you are able to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly according to the fees below.


The monthly fee is:


0-18 years: $20/month with at least one parent membership ($0.66/day)

19-44 years:$65/month ($2.14/day)

45-64 years: $75/month ($2.47/day)

65 years& over: $95/month ($3.22/day)

Family of 3: $130/month ($4.27/day), and $10 per each additional child


Example of Savings


Abdominal and Pelvic CT scan with contrast needed. Typically, patient and insurance billed at $2400. Insurance gives discount and the remaining balance is over $1500. Through Direct Care, we are able to get a cash price of $340. Insurance is not billed, but less cash expense to the patient.


Examples of Free and/or Very Low Cost Services Provided:

  • Biopsy and Removal of Skin Lesions

  • EKG

  • Female Exams

  • Ingrown Toenail Removal

  • Joint Injections

  • Labs with No Drawing Fees

  • Laceration Repair

  • Nebulizer Treatments

  • Osteopathic Manipulation

  • School and Sports Exams

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound

  • Trigger Point Injections

  • Vaccines at Cost

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