Why Direct Primary Care?

A proven model to reduce medical costs and restore the doctor/patient relationship

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Do I still need health insurance to enroll in Direct Primary Care?

It is highly recommended that our members have a catastrophic plan in the event of a major health crisis, as well as having a health savings account. This will ensure you are covered in the event you need hospitalization or if you are referred to see a specialist. Direct Primary Care also fits very well in conjunction with ministry-based health sharing plans. Also, since we do not do any billing of insurance through this office, you are able to see us even if you have full-coverage insurance. This works out great for people who have high deductibles.

If you have health insurance already or want to reduce your plan to be more cost effective, we recommend using Todd Catlin for insurance. He specializes in customizing plans to fit your family's individual needs and will help to keep your costs low. He can work with your insurance through your job and also works with employers to make plans for their businesses. Please note that not all insurance brokers are experienced in Direct Primary Care, which is why we suggest going through our broker who specializes in this system of health care.









If I have Medicare or another form of insurance, can I still be apart of Direct Primary Care?

Yes! If you have a full-insurance plan or are on Medicare, you can still take part in Direct Primary Care. You are able to use your insurance for outside needs like to see a specialist, have tests and/or to get medication. Insurance just will not be billed through this office.

Does Mayville Family Practice accept healthcare insurance?

We do not bill health insurance, which decreases the cost and improves the doctor/patient relationship with immediate access to quality care. Direct Primary Care offers savings in labs, procedures, medications and imaging. There are no co-pays.

Who can become members of Direct Primary Care?

We accept patients of all ages, from infant through geriatric. This is a true small town family medical practice, and we have special packages for those with children. We also cater to companies, as Direct Primary Care promotes a healthy workforce which will increase savings. Lastly, Direct Primary Care is not just an option for those with pre-existing conditions. We practice primary prevention, which aims to improve your quality of life.


Can I get in touch with Dr. Sammis beyond his office hours?

Yes! Direct Primary Care allows 24/7 access to your primary doctor, via text, phone and video chat. There is no answering service, so you get the answers you need straight from the person you trust.

*Direct Primary Care is NOT insurance and does not qualify as insurance coverage. Insurance is highly recommended though in case of hospitalization, emergency or catastrophic needs.

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