Benefit of Direct Primary Care to Employers



A family physician is able to manage 85-90% of health issues without referral to a specialist. This is cost- effective when compared to the more expensive specialist care.


Access to care and less time in the waiting room minimizes absence from work. Ability to communicate with technology also facilitates efficiency and increased productivity.


Partnering with Charles Sammis, D.O. for employees is a significant benefit that can be leveraged for employee recruitment and retention. While companies still offer traditional or high-deductible insurance, encouraging employees to visit their physician regularly helps to keep overall costs down and the workforce healthy.

We work through our insurance broker, Todd Catlin, who specializes in creating customized plans for individuals and businesses. He works largely with those who are enrolled in Direct Primary Care and will help to devise a plan that helps to save your company money and to provide great health coverage.


*Please note that not all insurance brokers are experienced in Direct Primary Care, which is why we suggest going through our broker who specializes in this system of health care.


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