Direct Primary Care

High value, cost-savings model of healthcare with 24/7 access to your physician

Advantages include:

  • More time with your doctor

  • Same day/Next day appointments

  • Minimal or no waiting time for appointments

  • Webcam visits, text messaging, email and 24/7 phone access to your doctor

  • Lab drawn in clinic with low cash costs

  • Many medications available at minimal cost at time of visit

  • Home visits if needed

  • Significantly lower cash prices available for imaging and tests

  • Preventative care and chronic disease management

  • Comprehensive healthcare for all ages—infant through geriatric

*Direct Primary Care is NOT insurance and does not qualify as insurance coverage. Insurance is highly recommended though in case of hospitalization, emergency or catastrophic needs.

Our last day of billing insurance through this practice is July 31, 2019. DPC will begin August 1, 2019.

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